- Free Green Traffic Light!

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14-04-2008 17:32:32

http//[" alt=""/img8e674ee3f1] has just introduced it's newest promotion! The Free Green Traffic Light!!!

This promotion is pretty simple.. Kind of like Red light Green light when we were kids. When you go [url==http//] - No Gimmics Just Free Cash For The Taking![=http//] - No Gimmics Just Free Cash For The Taking![/url] and see the green traffic light flashing, simply send a support ticket asking for your free green!

When the light goes off .. Well no more Free Green's (
If you see a green light that day, Your Free Green will be honored by our staff!

This should add a little excitement to grabbing a Free Green or two! We hope you like our new promotion!!! Tell us what you think!
Enjoy! and it that traffic light just may be Green Right now ;)

- FreeCashOuts Staff Ryan
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