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02-04-2008 11:43:05

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[b72eaa8cc05] $10 BRAG Promotion[/b72eaa8cc05]

For the month of entire month of April will be giving away a 10$ bonus just for showing off the cash you have just made!
Literally get paid and then get paid all over again!


1. Get paid from

2. Log on the Forums and post how much have recently made on . A picture of your cashout /or/ The amount & a few kind words about will do.

3. Upload a Testimonial at [url==http//]FreeCashOut - No Gimmics Just Free Cash For The Taking![=http//]FreeCashOut - No Gimmics Just Free Cash For The Taking![/url]
- Your PayPal print-screen image upload.
- Your Forum post Url.
- & Fully complete all fields.

When we receive your completed Testimonial submission we will send you an additional $10 to your PayPal Account!!!

Note This promotion is only available to users cashing out with self completed offers. Users with Free Greenís will have to cashout first, then sign up for offers themselves before becoming eligible for this promotion.

Help us spread the word about FreeCashOuts & Grab an extra $10!!!

[i72eaa8cc05]- The Team[/i72eaa8cc05]
[url==http//] - No Gimmics Just Free Cash For The Taking![=http//] - No Gimmics Just Free Cash For The Taking![/url]


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07-04-2008 16:09:21

Thanks to everyone that has posted their brag's!



13-04-2008 14:57:12

PayPay froze our FreeCashOuts account for about 5 hours today.. Reason to much cash being given away!!! They thought it may have been a security breach!

Payments are being issued again and everything is back to normal. ) Staff Chris
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13-04-2008 15:23:50

hmmm... If we get money, take a picture, get our ten dollars, and take a picture of that ten dollars, will we get ten more dollars?