~Fenominal Freebies~ Bring In Spring Referral Race~

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Fenominal Freebies

30-03-2008 17:12:17

Hey Everyone!!! Welcome to FENOMINAL FREEBIES[/color83c5fb304d]! [/size83c5fb304d]

We launched less than 1 week ago (March 26th to be exact) and would like to kick things off with a

[b83c5fb304d]Bring in Spring Referral Race! [/b83c5fb304d][/color83c5fb304d][/size83c5fb304d]

This isn't just any old referral contest....this is a contest where [b83c5fb304d]YOU[/b83c5fb304d] [/color83c5fb304d]decide how much you want to win!

Starting at 1159 PM EST, on Sunday, March 30th, bring in as many referrals as you possibly can and have them complete their ONE credit worth of offer requirements! The contest will run until 1159 PM, Wednesday, April 30th.

We will be awarding prizes to the[/color83c5fb304d] TOP FIVE[/color83c5fb304d] users as follows[/color83c5fb304d][/size83c5fb304d]

1st Place $10/referral bonus[/color83c5fb304d]
2nd Place $7/referral bonus[/color83c5fb304d]
3rd Place $5/referral bonus[/color83c5fb304d]
4th Place $3/referral bonus[/color83c5fb304d]
5th Place $1/referral bonus[/color83c5fb304d]

Let's look at this! If you bring in 150 referrals who complete their offer requirements AND are the 1st place finisher, you will get a $1500 bonus on top of the $50/ref gift! If you bring in 300 referrals, that's a whopping $3000 bonus!!!

[u83c5fb304d][i83c5fb304d][b83c5fb304d]How To Enter!!!!! (please read)[/b83c5fb304d][/i83c5fb304d][/u83c5fb304d][/size83c5fb304d]

1. If you haven't already, register on our site (you can be a referred user and still be in this contest).
2. Open a support ticket with "Bring in Spring" in the subject line to let us know you'd like to enter the contest!
3. Get those referrals!!!!!!!
4. Check this thread daily to see who's in the lead and how much harder you have to work to be in the running.

[u83c5fb304d][b83c5fb304d]Current Standings[/color83c5fb304d][/b83c5fb304d][/u83c5fb304d][/size83c5fb304d]
1. Yolanda T ~ 1 Pt
2. Gretchen P ~ 1 Pt
3. Jacob S
4. Sandra H
5. Max K
~~Patrick Q
~~Jana B

Fenominal Freebies

31-03-2008 17:32:55

A full month left!!

Fenominal Freebies

01-04-2008 16:49:56

Only 3 entries so far! Still plenty of time to enter! Gotta be in it to win it!!!

Fenominal Freebies

03-04-2008 07:12:41

Just submit a support ticket to enter!

Fenominal Freebies

06-04-2008 08:48:03

Still plenty of time and lots of room to enter this contest!! YOU determine how much you win!!

Fenominal Freebies

09-04-2008 12:18:46

DOING GREAT!!! Keep it up!!

Fenominal Freebies

11-04-2008 17:03:48

Standings updated!