YourHugeRewards NEW Easter PROMOS! Yes, that's Plural!

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23-03-2008 12:23:27

Happy Easter Everyone!!![/colora5f714cdb4] [/sizea5f714cdb4]
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[color=reda5f714cdb4][ba5f714cdb4][ia5f714cdb4]To celebrate Easter, for the week of March 23rd to March 29th, we're going to add an extra $10 to ALL NEW greens cashed out![/ia5f714cdb4][/ba5f714cdb4] These referrals must have signed up during this Promotion period. [/colora5f714cdb4]

On top of that, we're going to run a quick Easter "Rabbit Race". The top 3 users who gather the most referrals under them to complete their offer requirements from March 23rd to March 29th will recieve a FREE gift of their choice!

[ba5f714cdb4]Gifts to pick from [/ba5f714cdb4]

iPod Shuffle- 1GB
Video Game of their choice valued at up to $50!
$50 PayPal

The prizes will be awarded to the users who get the most greens under them from new signups that sign up from March 23rd until the deadline, March 29th. Their referrals MUST complete the site requirements and NOT be placed on hold!

[ba5f714cdb4][ia5f714cdb4]All contestants for the "Rabbit Race" MUST email= [email][ [email][/email] with their email address and User ID related to their YourHugeRewards Account. If they do not email this information before the Promotion is over, they will not be considered in it.[/ia5f714cdb4][/ba5f714cdb4] When the Promotion is over, we will go through the accounts that have entered, and see who the winners are... then send them their chosen gift!!! )

Why are we doing this? Simply because we want to be the top site that our users use to refer their referrals! With our top notch customer service and over 120 offers to choose from it's never been easier for referrals to go green! If you haven't started using us, what are you waiting for!?


Here are some of the exciting features with us-

- Instant cashouts for the WHOLE month of March!
- Minimum of 1 referral to cashout for the WHOLE month of March!

And as always...

- Great Payout! A whopping $60 per referral!
- Great customer support! All inquiries responded to within 12-24 hours!
- Great offer selection! 120+ offers! Many GREAT trial services!
- We are an ALWAYS GREEN site!
- We are a repeatable site!