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10-03-2008 18:52:41

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10-03-2008 19:43:28

so, your IP is a webhost;
your IP is based in NY, but you list your state as CA;
your English is atrocious; and
you're going to get a takedown notice from eBay.

This doesn't bode well.


10-03-2008 22:02:43

He's Lisa Williams, a hot-looking 29-year-old male from Burbank, CA according to his Digg profile

Out of courtesy, I buried his Digg story.


11-03-2008 06:53:23

I hope you didn't pay much for that domain name, because you're not going to be owning it for long.


11-03-2008 07:48:56

Jesus, this guys a complete idiot. Get the hell off this site.

unknown uchiha

11-03-2008 11:02:26

[quote5951234d83="ForceBucks"]Jesus, this guys a complete idiot. Get the hell off this site.[/quote5951234d83]

That's not a nice thing to say.