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09-03-2008 03:00:13 [/color67f2e4ec07] Referral Race Winners!![/color67f2e4ec07][/size67f2e4ec07]
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On February 5th, 2008, started a promotion to reward some of the top referrering users for their hard work. The [i67f2e4ec07][b67f2e4ec07]Referral Race[/b67f2e4ec07][/i67f2e4ec07] began!
The rules were simple- Get as many new referrals under them to complete their offer requirements (go green) from February 5th - March 8th. All contestants had to email us to enter. There were 6 places, initially

1st Place would receive $250 PayPal
2nd Place would receive $150 PayPal
3rd Place would receive $100 PayPal
4th, 5th, and 6th Place would all receive $50 PayPal

We decided to add 4 more places to reward more hard working users! Now, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places would receive $50 also!

[size=1867f2e4ec07][color=blue67f2e4ec07]And the winners are...[/color67f2e4ec07][/size67f2e4ec07]

[color=red67f2e4ec07]YHR-410 with 13 greens
YHR-342 with 12 greens
YHR-339 with 9 greens
YHR-423 with 8 greens
YHR-18 with 7 greens
YHR-549 with 7 greens
YHR-324 with 7 greens
YHR-4 with 6 greens
YHR-512 with 6 greens
YHR-630 with 6 greens[/color67f2e4ec07]

[size=1867f2e4ec07]Congratulations to the winners of the Referral Race![/size67f2e4ec07]

We hope everyone's having a great experience with us! If you didn't place, don't worry. We often run new promotions and you can always check them out on our Promotions page!