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05-03-2008 21:23:12

We are here to announce some great new features!

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1. Instant Payouts!(NEW)
2. Now over 120 offers!
3. 1 Referral Cashouts!
4. Top Notch Support(Most support tickets within a few hours!)
5. $70 Per Referral!
6. Forever Green and Repeatable!


This is a referral contest!! All you have to do is refer 7 or more users by April 21st and we will add an extra referral to your order!! Thatís $70 FREE!!!!

Also we are having a contest to see who can get the most referrals by April 21st!! The top 3 users will be awarded. All Users can still receive the free referral promo!

1st place- $250
2nd place- $150
3rd place- $100

Prizes do not include the free $70 for over 10 referrals!! Weíll add them in as well!!
For Example You get 12 refs and you place 1st- you would receive the $250 for first place, the $70 free referral, and the $840 for your referrals($1160 total)

[b48118eed62][u48118eed62]The Rules For The Contest [/u48118eed62][/b48118eed62]

1. You can sign up unreferred and use your FREE GREEN!
2. Submit a support ticket or email= entering the contest.
3. You MUST have at least 7 referrals to be awarded for the top 3.
4. ALL users with 7+ referrals will still receive the 1 FREE REFERRAL even if they donít place.
5. Any referrals on hold will be deducted from totals!

Yes, Thats right..We changed the requirements from 10 referrals to just 7! Go out and get Referrals!!! We also changed that date!


06-03-2008 06:56:40

Thanks for the free green and the fast payment.

keep up the good work! D


11-03-2008 20:19:11

Thanks! Bump this..join for the Free Green


10-04-2008 13:19:48

Come and get your Free Geens!!


01-05-2008 12:06:20

Stll can get free greens..also promo for the contest still going.


03-05-2008 09:17:52

Come Join an Outstanding Site!


04-05-2008 13:45:19

Free Greens and Referral contest still going on!


06-05-2008 23:00:30

Over 5k Shipped! Do you want to get paid? Come get your Free Green! and take advantage of the one week promo..increased rates!

1-2 referrals-5% increase on the cashout
3-4 referrals-10% increase on the cashout
5-6 referrals- 15% increase on the cashout
7-8 referrals- 20% increase on the cashout
Ends this monday!


16-05-2008 23:32:03

Be on the lookout for new promos coming up this coming week! Also don't forget to come by and snag your free greens!