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01-03-2008 20:09:11

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jose. I am the owner of LLC. I have been a member of FIPG for a couple of months and have enjoyed the time I have spent here thus far.

[b515f41cbf7]Now on to the exciting news [/size515f41cbf7][/b515f41cbf7]

Today marks the launch of LLC's first site

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Prizes available

Ipod Touch 16GB
iPod Touch 32gb
8 GB iPod Nano
iPod Shuffle
Ipod Classic 160GB

- Approval Process takes 1-4 business days.
- LLC ships out gifts every 2 weeks (or every other Saturday).
- We have 24 fantastic offers to choose from at the moment, and will have many more in the future!
-We are currently only open to the United States and Canada.

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