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PB 7

16-02-2008 12:42:21

[b97ccba0a3a]Under the ownership of FyroMedia LCC, we are happy to introduce The Bucket Network!

We are absolutely dedicated to customer service and we are promising you that ANY questions, whether it be through support ticket or through the "contact us" link on the homepages of the four sites, will be answered within 24 hours. We have some great promotions (1 FREE GREEN!) for our opening this month that are listed under each site below. [/b97ccba0a3a]
We are offering prize/money PAYOUTS WITHIN 24 HOURS[/color97ccba0a3a] of completion of requirements for the month of February! To get your FREE GREEN[/color97ccba0a3a] just send in a support ticket requesting it right when you sign up![/b97ccba0a3a]

[b97ccba0a3a]The Bucket Network Includes[/b97ccba0a3a]

[b97ccba0a3a]GizmoBucket.Com[=http//www.gizmobucket.com]GizmoBucket.Com - Ipods, iPhones (Unlocked!), Wiis, etc.[/b97ccba0a3a]
- 1 Referral required for a 13 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership! ;)
- 1 Referral required for a Nike Ipod Sport Kit!
- 2 Referrals for an iPod Shuffle!

[b97ccba0a3a]BankBucket.Com[=http//www.bankbucket.com]BankBucket.Com - Earn Money (referral based)[/b97ccba0a3a]
- Get $40 with 1 referral! ie... $40 per referral
PayBucket.Com[=http//www.paybucket.com]PayBucket.Com - Earn Money (individual offer based)[/b97ccba0a3a]
- No Minimum payment for Paypal!
- We will be adding several email submits, surveys, etc.. if you are more into the small cash!
- PayBucket.Com is not new and several members have already been paid!

[b97ccba0a3a]TripBucket.Com[=http//www.tripbucket.com]TripBucket.Com - Earn vacations and tickets to exclusive events![/b97ccba0a3a]
- This is a new idea that we are really excited about!
- Some rewards are limited to US residents only.

All sites are open to the United States, Canada, and the UK! We will be adding more Canadian and UK offers in the next few days. We are an honest team and are looking for honest members ONLY! No FRAUD please! If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us through our websites or even PM us here!

We look forward to having you!

The Bucket Network Team![/b97ccba0a3a]

PB 7

20-02-2008 15:55:15

[b4730affa96]COME AND GET YOUR FREE GREENS[/color4730affa96]![/b4730affa96]

PB 7

26-02-2008 13:33:02

We have already payed out several members, enjoy our 1 referral cashouts on bankbucket for $40 and gizmobucket! Get your free greens!


27-02-2008 13:18:07

Are you saying that even for PayBucket.com,

payments for the month of february would be processed within 48hrs??


PB 7

26-03-2008 15:58:38

[quote06b3b83d43="mapson"]Are you saying that even for PayBucket.com,

payments for the month of february would be processed within 48hrs??


February is now over! But we are offering 24 hour payments until the end of March as well for all of our sites. We are also offering free greens until the end of March!


27-03-2008 18:10:54

What is an "LCC"?