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07-02-2008 07:48:07

[b0d2f296895]GRAND OPENING!!!!![/size0d2f296895] [/b0d2f296895]!

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I am here to announce the Grand Opening of!

At YourOutstandingFreebies we payout $70 per referral with payouts occurring every Saturday, No Paypal fees!

We respond Daily on all support tickets!
Also, any questions can be answered with our messenger AIM-YOF Support or email= at at

We currently have 94 Great offers and we’re adding offers everyday to YourOutstandingFreebies!

[u0d2f296895][b0d2f296895]FREE [/b0d2f296895][color=green0d2f296895]GREEN[/color0d2f296895]/[b0d2f296895]FOREVER[/b0d2f296895] [color=green0d2f296895]GREEN[/color0d2f296895][/u0d2f296895]

When you sign up unreferred we will give you a FREE [color=green0d2f296895]GREEN[/color0d2f296895]!!! You must send a support ticket requesting your free green. This is a limited time offer so make sure you get your greens NOW! We are also a Forever green site, so you can submit an order and put a support ticket in for your new green! Free Greens until March 23!


This is a referral contest!! All you have to do is refer 10 or more users by March 23rd and we will add an extra referral to your order!! That’s $70 free!!

Also we are having a contest to see who can get the most referrals by March 23rd!! The top 3 users will be awarded. All Users can still receive the free referral promo!

1st place- $250
2nd place- $150
3rd place- $100

Prizes do not include the free $70 for over 10 referrals!! We’ll add them in as well!!
For Example You get 12 refs and you place 1st- you would receive the $250 for first place, the $70 free referral, and the $840 for your referrals($1160 total)

[u0d2f296895][b0d2f296895]The Rules For The Contest [/b0d2f296895][/u0d2f296895]

1. You can sign up unreferred and use your FREE [color=green0d2f296895]GREEN[/color0d2f296895]!
2. Submit a support ticket or email= entering the contest.
3. You MUST have at least 10 referrals to be awarded for the top 3.
4. ALL users with 10+ referrals will still receive the 1 FREE REFERRAL even if they don’t place.
5. Any referrals on hold will be deducted from totals!

Sign up at and get started right away!!! GOOD LUCK!!!


08-02-2008 21:21:42

Now 103 Great Offers! Come get your Free Greens tonight!!


09-02-2008 12:28:06

Hey, welcome. I hope you guess do well. If you need any advice let me know. Its a rough getting people here.


10-02-2008 13:45:39

Great Thanks! Everyone sign up today unreferred and receieve your Free Greens!! Enter the Promo!


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11-02-2008 20:20:14

Come get your Free Greens Tonight!!!


12-02-2008 15:58:10

We are hoping to make our first payout this Saturday!! Who wants to be paid first? Come get your Free Greens Tonight!


13-02-2008 16:20:29

Who wants in the promo? Sign up and put in a support ticket to recieve your Free Green and sign up for the promo!! Get Referrals today!


14-02-2008 18:57:58

Get Your Free Green!


15-02-2008 11:57:34

Sign up today!!!


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17-02-2008 01:23:28

We just created a News page!!! Come check it out and while your there get your Free Green!


18-02-2008 15:00:47

Now over 110 offers!!


19-02-2008 06:45:41

Come and get your Free Greens today!!


19-02-2008 08:36:53

Signed up - Ref #44 )


19-02-2008 09:56:38

[quote0c91cfeccb="babetran"]Signed up - Ref #44 )[/quote0c91cfeccb]

Thx for the free green! D


19-02-2008 10:04:55

Your Welcome!! Everyone else come get your Free Green!


20-02-2008 16:10:36

Still awarding Free Greens! Get in on the Promo


23-02-2008 07:35:46

Still giving out Free Greens!!! Promo Still going!! Cash out today and get paid!


24-02-2008 08:14:14

Come check out the new site tell us what you think and grab your Free Green!


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27-02-2008 14:45:31

Come get your Free Green today get referrals by Saturday and get paid!


29-02-2008 13:02:52

Bump )


02-03-2008 22:54:49

We have some more offers up!! Come get your Free Green!


03-03-2008 11:03:20

GREAT NEWS!!! We have just added Instant Payments! so get your Referrals today and get paid today!!


20-03-2008 09:42:49

Still giving out Free Greens!