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06-02-2008 18:05:12

Note This website is unique and does not use any script. The website is custom made and does not use 'greens' or anything that most sites require. Heck, referrals aren't even required!

Reward Universe is a new website where users can earn free rewards! Rewards that are available include iPods, a Nintendo Wii, Gift Cards, and much more! All you have to do to claim a reward is earn points! No credit card is ever required. Tell your friends and you will receive 100% of what they earn. If they earn 100 points, you will get 100 points to! Just use your referral link to get credit!

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Plus, for a limited time, we are giving away a free iPod Touch! See the website for details!

Reward Universe has a commercial that is appearing in select cities across the United States. See it here

No referrals required.
No credit card required.
You could win an iPod Touch as an added bonus!



25-03-2008 16:46:49