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02-02-2008 13:54:23

Hi all! you can read more on our main page http//

We are renewing our whole site design and concept. added lots of ref sites.

We have a huge Ref Contest With Prizes over 1,000$ To The month of February!

We Already paid out over 67,000$ !

Check out our two new working sites

with upto 90$ Per Ref on our 80 site. [ 13 Refs = 1170$ ]
with upto 46$ Per Ref on our 40 Site. [ 13 Refs = 599$ ]

ALSO!!! We Improved our DIY site! and now were paying Instant AND we have only 20$ Minimum CashOut!

Good Luck Everyone! and I hope you like our new concept & design of the site!

IFreeCash Owner. wink


02-02-2008 21:31:38

li FREE GREENS! You can receive a free green on all IFreeCash sites by creating a support ticket.
li Referrals Contest!

First Place 500$

2nd Place 250$

3rd Place 150$

4th Place 100$

5th Place 50$

You will receive Points According to the sites that your referrals Completed.

li IFreeCash 40 = 1 Point

li IFreeCash 80 = 2 Points


03-02-2008 09:53:22

Everyone Got Their Free Greens!
Still no one have any ref's!!! 8) )


04-02-2008 12:07:06

so 40 and 80 are the only sites working right now?