Freebies4me Race for Referrals! - $850 Giveaway

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01-02-2008 06:46:32

Ok, the Race is on for February! I want my top referrers to reap the rewards of their hard work! Here's the deal

Get as many greens as possible for the month of February. The member with the most cashed out referrals will receive $500. 2nd most receives $250, 3rd most receives $100.

This is on top of our industry leading payout rate, so get ready to roll in some dough for February.

This is for all greens paid for in the month of February. Tomorrow's payout is included in this. If you ever want to know where you stand, let me know. This offer expires on the 2/29 payout. No referrals paid for after February 29th will count in this promo.

I will post updates and a fresh leaderboard tomorrow!!!

Let me know if you have any questions.


02-02-2008 16:24:19

The winners will be announced on March 1st! Let's keep those referrals coming in!!!


06-02-2008 07:19:53

Just a quick update before Friday's payouts

1st place has 4 paid referrals
2nd place has a 7 way tie with 2 referrals each

In the event of a tie, the most referrals in 2008 will be the tiebreaker.


19-02-2008 15:11:43

New of 345pm MST on 2/19/2008

1st Place - 16 Referrals
2nd Place - 7 Referrals
3rd Place - 2 Tied at 5 Referrals each

Way to go guys!!! So far this month we have paid out $8500!!! It looks like we will pass the $10,000 shipped mark in the shortest month of the year! Amazing work guys!!!


02-03-2008 16:03:17

We have our winners!!!

1st place with 21 referrals is Sullx
2nd place with 11 referrals is Bountyhunter
3rd place with 8 referrals is

Congratulations to all our members who participated. We broke some major personal records this month. $12,200 in payouts, 160+ referrals that greened...all of this with a few days of site downtime too!

Remember we are extending same day payouts through March 31 so keep those referrals coming!