New Policy for TFL Network - "No Credit, No Problem&quo

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30-01-2008 11:55:55

Well, lately there have been a lot of complaints about our "crediting", yet still some great compliments.

For those who think are crediting is "horrible" here is a new policy you may enjoy. I am so confident in our new crediting, that i willing to risk it all to make sure you get credit!

IF you do NOT get credit for an offer you complete... 7 days have past, you can go ahead and submit a MCR. IF 15 days have past since you submitted that MCR and you STILL don't have credit for that offer, we will PAY YOU what it cost you to complete that offer. If 30 days have past and you STILL DON'T have credit for that offer, we will pay you what it cost to do the offer + $10.00 more. If 60 days (usual maximum MCR time set by advertisers) have past and YOU STILL DON'T have credit, we will credit your account for the offer + the $10.00 + the cost of the offer.

Obviously, it should and will not get to this phase anymore, so that is why i am willing to do this. But if anyone is still "scared" of our sites, you have nothing to lose anymore, and everything to gain!

Note that you can only do this for 3 (three) offers per network, but only 1 (one) per site.

Please note, you still must submit MCRs, the full headers, the works. If you feel 15 days have past and you still don't have credit, just open a ticket. And so on.


You can get a free green by seeing this thread http//

Thanks for everyones awesome support!