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29-01-2008 13:36:57

Hi everyone,

I've been working on getting ProjectFreebie[=http//]ProjectFreebie full of fun, easy, and free offers, today I added over 100 offers. We use a point based system so it is easy to get money, gift cards, or free gifts - you don't need to refer anyone.

Keep checking back as will be getting updated frequently, and we're going to be changing our look soon too!

If you don't see the prize you want, just create an account and send us an email, we'll add the prize for you!



30-01-2008 08:19:05

I just completed some offers. We'll see how the crediting goes before I try any more.


30-01-2008 17:19:29

Hi pgdrummer,

I had alot of people successfully complete offers, but one user tried to complete 5 and none were successful - if that was you let me know. Thanks.


01-02-2008 12:10:18

We just sent $20 via Paypal to a user today who joined yesterday! Keep up the good work. More offers (all free) coming in the next 24 hours!