The MegaSuperDuper Promo

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15-01-2008 03:16:13

[u8a378120a1]1st Place[/u8a378120a1][/size8a378120a1]
[b8a378120a1]PHILIPS Black 32" 169 8ms LCD TV Model[/b8a378120a1]

http//[" alt=""/img8a378120a1]

[size=188a378120a1][u8a378120a1]2nd Place[/u8a378120a1][/size8a378120a1]
[b8a378120a1]RED 8gb iPod Nano[/b8a378120a1]
[img="8a378120a1]http//[" alt=""/img8a378120a1]

[size=188a378120a1][u8a378120a1]3rd Place[/u8a378120a1][/size8a378120a1]
[img="8a378120a1]http//[" alt=""/img8a378120a1]

So how do you win these prizes you may be asking?


Sign up on http// and complete offers. There are many free offers on the site, and more will be added daily.

The user who cashes out with the most money, wins!

If you want to earn even more on the site, refer users and get 10% of what they earn! So if they get 100 points, you get 10 more.

Leaders will be updated in this post every Sunday night, or whenever the first people cashout.

This promo is over on February 16th at 12am PST, so start working!