New Offers - Offers Raised - Plus $170 Cash Referral Race!

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11-01-2008 16:46:42

Hey guys, We have added some new offers AND also have raised the credit value on many. This will make it MUCH easier to green. I'm going to reiterate the promo that we have going on, plus add another one!

[u5515eecd1a]1st Promo for BOTH RocketBills/CashParrot[/u5515eecd1a]
- For ever referral you get, you will start off with $2 extra for them on top, and for every referral you get after the first the extra money on top will double all the way to the limit of $8 on top. (2 Referral Minimum to be Eligible.)
For Example User A gets 5 referrals. For the first referral he gets $2 on top, for the second he gets $4 on top, for the third he gets $8 on top, for the fourth he gets $8 on top, and for the last fifth referral he gets $8 of top. (2+4+8+8+8 = $30 extra on top)

Remember, minimum 2 referrals to participate. Enjoy and lets hope to get - Bonus Network up soon!

[u5515eecd1a]2nd Promo for BOTH RocketbBills/CashParrot[/u5515eecd1a]
[b5515eecd1a]Referral Race![/b5515eecd1a]
- The first person to get to 10 referrals greened STARTING JANUARY 11, 2008 must submit their order of all 10 referrals to get an EXTRA $100 on top! Yes this also includes the 1st promo!
For Example User A is the first user to get 10 referrals greened. Their payout upon approval will have an extra $170 on top(2+4+8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8+100)!

First User to get 10 Referrals Greened gets $100 on top

Second User to get 10 Referrals Greened gets $50 on top

Third User to get 10 Referrals Greened gets $25 on top

Alright guys enjoy!
- RocketBills Staff