RB/CP January Promos - Instant Payments and More!

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09-01-2008 21:35:13

Hey guys, sorry for the late promo. We have been working very hard trying to get the Bonus Network up and running. But for right now we will run a mini promo which might sound a little complicated but lets see if I can do my best to explain.

[ucce311faf2]Promo for BOTH RocketBills/CashParrot[/ucce311faf2]
- For ever referral you get, you will start off with $2 extra for them on top, and for every referral you get after the first the extra money on top will double all the way to the limit of $8 on top. (2 Referral Minimum to be Eligible.)
[bcce311faf2]For Example[/bcce311faf2] User A gets 5 referrals. For the first referral he gets $2 on top, for the second he gets $4 on top, for the third he gets $8 on top, for the fourth he gets $8 on top, and for the last fifth referral he gets $8 of top. (2+4+8+8+8 = $30 extra on top)

Remember, minimum 2 referrals to participate. Enjoy and lets hope to get Bonus Network up soon!

RocketBills Staff.