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K2F Owner

09-01-2008 19:48:24

i am just promoting this for the owner of which is new and working on a new twist on bringin the freebie users together with a social networking site. Just help him out by signing up and telling others about this wonderful site. If you have any questions just send him a message. He is the featured member on the front page. Thanks for reading this and happy trading

Here is the site intro for anyone interested

Dedicated to the Freebie Industry, MiiPeeps is a feature rich online community that provides not only the information that matters most to our members but also provides them the unique opportunity to meet and get to know the people that they do business with every day.

Online communities such as Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace and Tickle can help you make connections for business. From the newest of traders, to veteran freebie site owners and everyone in between and from both side of the business, MiiPeeps offers you a wide range of opportunities to grow your business and learn the ropes through our social community..

Membership is Free and our users enjoy finding new friends, keeping in touch with current friends, and expressing themselves not only as friends but as business associates as well. That is why we created this brand new business oriented social networking website called

Browse through our membership and find your friends or join in and make some new ones! Read through some of the many blogs created by our members or create one of your own! Visit a few of the forums where members gather to discuss many varied subjects. Join in on a few of the Polls and have some fun, or join one of the many groups created by various members within a wide array of categories... and this list of opportunities goes on and on..

We are looking forward to having you as the newest member of our community and, even if you don't know anything about the freebie industry, we welcome you come join in and learn how you too can start making money in the freebie business



30-01-2008 18:56:49

umm.. the site isn't working?