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07-01-2008 14:24:57[/color129a3c93c8] News![/color129a3c93c8][/size129a3c93c8]
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[size=18129a3c93c8]Hello everyone! We have decided to reward our users this week with a 5 day Promotion! We have already shipped $4,500+ in the 1+ Month of opening. We would really like to have a big push in orders this week, thus this Promo.

[b129a3c93c8]What?[/b129a3c93c8] Any user who places an order by Friday, 1159 EST with at least 4 greens will get awarded $20 extra! If they hit 6 greens, it's $30. If it's 8 greens, it's $40.....
This Promo is only good for one solid order, so it may be smarter for the users to place their order on Friday sometime to ensure they have all of their possible referrals go green!

[b129a3c93c8]When?[/b129a3c93c8] All of the greens need to have signed up from Sunday, January 6th 2008 to Friday, January 11th 2008. All referrals that sign up from now until Friday will go towards this promo. All greens must be legit greens and not be placed on hold!

[b129a3c93c8]Where[/b129a3c93c8]? Start at [url=][][/url]

Here are some of the exciting features with us-

- Instant cashouts for the WHOLE month of January!
- Minimum of 1 referral to cashout for the WHOLE month of January!
- [color=red129a3c93c8]Free [/color129a3c93c8][color=green129a3c93c8]GREENS [/color129a3c93c8]to everyone signed up unreferred for the WHOLE month of January!

And as always...

- Great Payout! A whopping $60 per referral!
- Great customer support! All inquiries responded to within 12-24 hours!
- Great offer selection! [b129a3c93c8]115+ offers![/b129a3c93c8] Many GREAT trial services!
- We are an ALWAYS GREEN site!
- We are a repeatable site!

- YourHugeRewards[/size129a3c93c8]


08-01-2008 19:08:23

Shipped out over $4,000!


10-01-2008 19:34:53

[b7caed6f305]Shipped over $4,500![/b7caed6f305]