EarnGiftsFree New Year Promotion !!!

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01-01-2008 09:23:14

EarnGiftsFree.com January Promotion!

First, we want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

To start the year off right, we are giving FREE Greens for the entire month of January to all new un-referred users on all 4 of our sites.

Just send in a support ticket requesting your FREE Green after you sign up on the site/sites of your choice to email==support@earngiftsfree.comsupport@earngiftsfree.com=support@earngiftsfree.comsupport@earngiftsfree.com/email

For all our users who are repeating our site in the month of January, we will add an extra $10 to your prize payout.

We look forward to a prosperous year.


01-01-2008 14:40:52

Signed up for all 4 sites with email==tran102484@yahoo.comtran102484@yahoo.com=tran102484@yahoo.comtran102484@yahoo.com/email!!! )

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01-01-2008 16:56:34

Hello. Thanks for signing up. Your Free Green has been issued to your account on all 4 of our sites. Good luck.


07-01-2008 07:25:02

Come get your FREE Green's. We are handing them out for the entire month of January!

Already completed our site? Why not do it again? All our users are Green for life once they cash out with us the first time. We will pay an extra $10 to any repeat user who completes the site in the month of January!

Good luck.


07-01-2008 08:42:11

I havent heard of you site much how long have you been around ?


07-01-2008 10:05:28

Hey, My site was launched July 9, 2007 In that time we have made great strides. We have over 2500 members and have paid out over 25k in cash and prizes. Our site is repeatable and we will let you be Green for life after your first cash out. Hope you give us a try. Good luck.


12-01-2008 05:13:37

Reminder, FREE Greens are being given out to all non referred users.

You can get FREE Greens on all 4 of our sites.

Take advantage of this great promotion now!

Good luck.


14-01-2008 07:29:46

Come and get those FREE Greens!


15-01-2008 08:52:44

January is half over. Come get your FREE Greens before it's too late!


17-01-2008 09:39:36

Come on now, don't be shy. Sign up and send in that support ticket for your FREE Green's.


18-01-2008 09:59:31

Get your FREE Green's now. The weekend is the best time to find referrals!


21-01-2008 07:15:41

Up, Up, and away..........!


23-01-2008 09:22:53

Still giving FREE Greens to all unreferred users until the end of January!


29-01-2008 10:05:20

Only 2 days left. Come get your FREE Greens on all our sites !