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17-12-2007 18:19:07

I've never made a formal introduction on FiPG. My site is, i have 6 total sites
http// - 1 credit
http// - 1 credit
http// - 2 credits
http// - 2 credits
http// - 2 credits
http// - 3 credits
I have shipped almost 12k worth of prizes since early September. Proof pictures can be seen herehttp//

My payouts are INSTANT!

Now for the promo
Im giving away iPods for FREE! I have iPod Shuffles and iPod Nanos. Get the required number of referrals and cash out, [iaa6f485c9c][baa6f485c9c]you will get your full cash out amount plus the iPod![/baa6f485c9c][/iaa6f485c9c] Referrals must be signed up on 11/30 or later. Contest goes until 1/1/08/. Also, for those interested in doing this offer but are not signed up on my 100 site, go ahead and sign up unreferred for a free green! http//[]http//

4 Referrals - iPod Shuffle
7 Referrals - 8gb iPod Nano

http//[" alt=""/imgaa6f485c9c]


20-12-2007 17:12:28

If anyone is looking to sign up, PM me for a link ;)