PrizeShopper (new!) 360s, iPods and Wiis

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16-12-2007 15:27:01

Just started December 1st and have already shipped product!



Give us a look! )


16-12-2007 16:59:21

Even Nutrisystem is only 0.6 credits? A lot of your credit values are very low, most 0.33 or less, and many are very obscure numbers, 0.19, 0.22, etc. Why not just round them to even values? This is just another backhanded tactic to make people do another offer if they're just under 1.

Nutrisystem 0.60 credits
Blockbuster 0.31 credits
Stamps 0.14 credits?

No thanks.


16-12-2007 20:05:47

The offer requirements are a bit higher but the referral requirements are much, much lower. I appreciate the feedback on the offer values and it may be something I add in to make everything simpler. It is hard to do this nowadays when the offer values are all over the board.

The values on the site are really not meant to "squeeze" out another offer from a user. It is actually the other way around. There are offers of all values from .03 through .60. Smaller offer values can easily fill in any gaps.