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10-12-2007 18:09:44[/coloreb7608b120] News![/coloreb7608b120][/sizeeb7608b120]
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[size=14eb7608b120]Hello everyone! We just wanted to remind everyone to get their FREE Greens at [url=][][/url] before the [color=blueeb7608b120]FREE[/coloreb7608b120] [color=greeneb7608b120]Green[/coloreb7608b120] Promo ends! End date is set to be December 15th.

We also wanted to remind everyone about the [ieb7608b120]Referral Race[/ieb7608b120] Promotion! Here are the details-
[beb7608b120]What?[/beb7608b120] [ieb7608b120]Referral Race![/ieb7608b120] The Prize of $250 PayPal will be awarded to the user who gets the most greens under them. There referrals MUST complete the site requirements and NOT be placed on hold at the time of the Promo Deadline. Second place will receive a Prize of $175 PayPal, and Third Place will receive a Prize of $75 PayPal! The only catch to this is the 3rd place User must have a minimum of 8 referrals that have completed the offer requirements. If the person in 3rd place does not have at least 8 greens, the Promo will be extended.

[beb7608b120]When? [/beb7608b120] From now until December 22nd at 1159 PM EST.

[beb7608b120]Where?[/beb7608b120] Start at [url=][][/url]

All contestants MUST email= [email][ [email][/email] with their email address and User ID related to their YourHugeRewards Account. If they do not email this information before the Promotion is over, they will not be considered in it. When the Promotion is over, we will go through the accounts that have entered, and see who the winners are...then PAY THEM!!! )
We now have over 95 offers up with a GREAT payout of $60/Referral. Many offers are Free and $1 Trials as well! We are still working on getting more offers up, so keep your eyes open.

Our PayPal gifts are shipped with NO FEES for you!

We shipped out over [color=redeb7608b120]$1,000 [/coloreb7608b120]last Friday worth of gifts! That was 6 days after we opened! We plan to ship out even more this Friday )

Be sure to get your order in by Wednesday so we can approve your account and have your gift shipped to you on Friday.

We hope everyone enjoys YourHugeRewards ) If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to email= us at [email][ us at [email][/email] or put in a support ticket. We will respond within 12 hours, most likely much less top

- YourHugeRewards[/sizeeb7608b120]


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signed up and submitted a ticket )


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Get your FREE Green before the Promo is over!


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