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10-12-2007 14:56:42

Introducing the newest and greatest freebie site to date. Payout is $45 per referral and there is also a custom prize where you send me a link to anything you want and I will set it as your prize. As the site develops payouts will increase so sign up now while our grand opening promotion is running. The promotion is sign up unreferred before 12-15-07 and you are eligible for a free credit. Just send in a support ticket and your account will be updated within 24 hours. Dont delay, check us out at


11-12-2007 10:57:18

Feel free to post any questions you may have about getitall4free here


11-12-2007 11:47:44

you should really pick a different domain name. You do know what the site on the .comurl==http://=http:///url version of that name is, right?


11-12-2007 12:43:01

Thanks for letting me know, I wasnt aware of that.


12-12-2007 08:51:26

Dont hesitate to post any questions you may have


12-12-2007 09:48:29

Hey, welcome to the newbie world. I'm glad to see more site. Wish you the best


12-12-2007 10:06:46

Thanks Alot