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01-12-2007 16:40:21

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10-01-2008 17:53:06


This is kind of funny, considering we run Nice way to more or less jack our name, concept, and piggy back off of our traffic......At least there wasn't an attempt to steal our design as well....

10-01-2008 19:09:13 is in no way affiliated to, There has not and will not be any effort to "piggy back", "steal", or "jack" any concepts, names, designs or traffic.

If you have any more concerns regarding this matter we strongly encourage you to address them to

Thank you.


12-01-2008 06:26:27

No thanks. With such terrible payouts you won't be getting too much business. Not to mention your name is almost the same as a site that is better than yours.

13-01-2008 12:36:23

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