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01-12-2007 15:42:23

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04-12-2007 08:49:46

Come check out the new additions to our site including in site Payment Proof tab with our most current payouts!


12-12-2007 00:07:47

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15-12-2007 20:22:14

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The new offers include
Four Seasons Wine - $18
Classic Wine Selection - $15


17-12-2007 21:48:19

Here is our most current PayPal payments!![/size8cd0a9afd4]

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20-02-2008 10:23:52

OUR SITE HAS BEEN UPDATED![/size156b902c47][/color156b902c47] We have added some great new features to the site including a phone verification system. What does this mean for you? With a lower amount of fraud, our affiliates are quicker, more responsive, and less apt to reverse YOUR offers. In addition to upgrading the site, we have added a TON of new offers with the highest payouts available. We are still offering [i156b902c47]SAME DAY PAYOUTS[/color156b902c47][/i156b902c47], so come by and start making some money today!!!