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01-12-2007 12:34:15

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Its that time of the year again!
Why not celebrate the holidays with a holiday raffle from 4freestore.com

Go to [url=="http//raffle.4freestore.com"]raffle.4freestore.com[="http//raffle.4freestore.com"]raffle.4freestore.com[/url] to enter!

We have over 45 no cc offers!

Sign up now! Complete a minimum of 2 no cc offers! Join the Raffle.

Each time you complete 2 no cc offers you receive a raffle ticket. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can obtain. Once you are notified that you have completed an offer make sure to visit your status page to join the raffle.

[bfa4ebd29b7]One free raffle ticket for the first 15 users to sign up![/bfa4ebd29b7]