GGN Winter Contest - Xbox360, Wii, iPod and Money!!

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26-11-2007 16:18:35

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[color=blue218ecd1182][b218ecd1182][/b218ecd1182][/color218ecd1182] would like to finish the year off with a bang! To do this, we've decided to hold a Winter Wonderland Contest ([url==http//]Official Page[=http//]Official Page[/url]). The contest is simple. Sign up unreferred and complete one full credit's worth of offers. After doing so, send an email over to the GGN Staff ( stating that you would like to participate in the contest. Along with your name and ref link provide a selected number, 1-25, this will be your official spot for the contest. To check # availability, visit the official page. On December 30th, we here at GetGreensNow will hold a video raffle for prizes. The video will be published on the contest page and winners will be contacted.

There are 10 small prizes and 3 big prizes.
There will be 25 spots to fill so your chances are pretty even.

For more info, contact us at or catch a support agent on AIM @ GetGreensNow

Prizes Include

1 x Xbox 360 Console or $350
1 x Nintendo Wii or $250
1 x iPod Nano 8GB or $200
5 x $20 BestBuy Gift Cards
5 x $10 BestBuy Gift Cards

It's an amazing opportunity!

If all spots are not filled by the 25th, the contest will be cancelled and users will receive their normal $40 unreferred signup bonus.

Also, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A NEW USER. After completing the required amount of offers, contact us and we will add you.


1. A user may fill more than one spot. For each spot filled, a user must have 1 completed full credit's worth of offers.
2. Any means of cheating, including, but not limited to, offer fraud and/or bribery will not be tolerated. User will be disqualified from the contest, banned from any GGN Network website, reported to any and all other incentive websites, and will have all credits revoked.
3. This contest may not be completed with any other GGN contests/promotions.

Rules may be changed without notice. Site ToS still apply.

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27-11-2007 19:18:52

iPod added to the list of prizes!