GottabeVIP is back! NEW SITES!!

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13-11-2007 11:42:42

Well, if anyone has wondered where the heck that GottaBeVIP site has been, the wait is over. After a few technical difficulties, we have now launched a variety of new sites that will give old members and new members to come, a chance to fully experience and further expand earnings from the GottaBeVIP network.

Check back for day to day updates on new prizes, giveaways, and promotions to better fulfill your giftly desires.

Now announcing (DIY-Do it yourself) (80/ref - 2 credit required)

As for right now, the generic "Free Green" Promotion is up, but as for further promotions, be sure to stay in touch to get the scoop on upcoming events. Be prepared for the ultimate freebie experience with tons of unique chances to get more for less.

You've Gotta be our VIP !

For free greens- post in the same topic in our private forum with your ref link number and then open a support ticket. Remember that we have phone support!

Link to personal forum

Zach and Tyler