Ultimate Freebies MEGA Holiday Promotion! Look inside!

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11-11-2007 21:46:18

Hey all,

We here at Ultimate Freebies have been busy doing many, many updates. We wanted to bring you the latest on what's been going on and what we have going on beginning 11/12/07. Without further explanation, I would like to bring your attention to

[b5ed2d9484c][u5ed2d9484c]The Ultimate Freebies MEGA Holiday Promotion![/b5ed2d9484c][/u5ed2d9484c]

What is the [b5ed2d9484c]Ultimate Freebies MEGA Holiday Promotion[/b5ed2d9484c]? I'm glad you asked. First off, we're launching three new sites that will be a hit this holiday season Designers[=http//designers.ultimatefreebies.org]Designers, Games[=http//games.ultimatefreebies.org]Games, and GiftCards[=http//giftcards.ultimatefreebies.org]GiftCards! At Designers[=http//designers.ultimatefreebies.org]Designers, you can find a gift card from a selection of different clothing designers and department stores. Our Games[=http//games.ultimatefreebies.org]Games site is stocked with the latest gaming consoles and game choices. Lastly, GiftCards[=http//giftcards.ultimatefreebies.org]GiftCards is the one stop shop for retail, dining, and other gift cards that would make a great gift this holiday season! As always, we have PayPal options, as well as a Custom Order option on all sites! We are offering [b5ed2d9484c]FREE GREENS[/b5ed2d9484c][/color5ed2d9484c] to all users who sign up between 11/12/07 and 11/19/07. [i5ed2d9484c]To get your green, signup UNREFERRED on Designers[=http//designers.ultimatefreebies.org]Designers, Games[=http//games.ultimatefreebies.org]Games, GiftCards[=http//giftcards.ultimatefreebies.org]GiftCards, or all three sites and submit a support ticket requesting your [b5ed2d9484c]FREE GREEN[/b5ed2d9484c][/color5ed2d9484c][/i5ed2d9484c]!

[b5ed2d9484c]But that's just the beginning[/b5ed2d9484c]!

We want to reward users who refer other users to us. With that, we've decided to offer a [b5ed2d9484c]REFERRAL CONTEST[/b5ed2d9484c]! How does it work? Simply refer users from [b5ed2d9484c][i5ed2d9484c]11/12/07 to 12/12/07[/b5ed2d9484c][/i5ed2d9484c]. All users who you refer that have a GREEN[/color5ed2d9484c] status from [b5ed2d9484c][i5ed2d9484c]11/12/07 to 12/12/07[/b5ed2d9484c][/i5ed2d9484c] will count as 1 point. When we close the contest on [b5ed2d9484c][i5ed2d9484c]12/12/07[/b5ed2d9484c][/i5ed2d9484c], we will tally up those points. We will then award the following prizes [b5ed2d9484c]1st place - $300, 2nd place - $200, and 3rd place - $100[/b5ed2d9484c]. You might wonder "Why do all referrals need to be GREEN[/color5ed2d9484c] to get my points?" We chose this simply because of users who fraud and signup fake accounts under themselves to tally points. Also, the more users you have who are GREEN[/color5ed2d9484c], the more you have to get your prize your going for as well! [i5ed2d9484c]liTo enter, users MUST submit a support ticket with the subject line "Enter Me In The Ref Contest". Your total eligible referral count will be tallied from eligible referrals from ALL sites across the entire network! We will have a leaderboard posted on our network under a tab on the Nav bar titled "Promotions", which will be added this week! The Leaderboard will go by your referral number, which is in your referral link.[/i5ed2d9484c]

[b5ed2d9484c]Like this idea so far? Good, however, WE ARE STILL NOT FINISHED![/b5ed2d9484c]

The last part of this promotion All users who request a free green on our three new sites, Designers[=http//designers.ultimatefreebies.org]Designers, Games[=http//games.ultimatefreebies.org]Games, and GiftCards[=http//giftcards.ultimatefreebies.org]GiftCards will all have (1) raffle ticket entered into a drawing. The prizes are as follows Designers - $100 Gift Card of your choice. Games - $100 Games Prize of your choice. GiftCards - $100 Gift Card of your choice. This drawing will take place 12/15/07.

Don't miss out on these INCREDIBLE opportunities! Remember, we payout weekly, approve orders within 3 business days, have updated our offer selection, and have added many prizes.

Good luck and enjoy!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies