Freebies4me IPOD Nano Giveaway

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10-11-2007 18:36:48

We want to give back to our best member this month, so we are offering a free IPOD Nano (8gb) to our member that receives the highest payouts this month. Pretty simple rules here, we will tally up all payouts sent between 11/1/2007 and 11/30/2007. Whoever has the most will get the IPOD. This is the brand new IPOD Nano with the color screen. The value of this prize is $199.99. What a great way to kick off the holidays with your brand new IPOD Nano. We will announce the winner on December 1st, and the IPOD will ship on that day. You'll receive it next day air. I will post a list weekly based on the dollars shipped out. I won't share the identifying info to protect the users on the list. If you PM me I can tell you what place you are in, but I will not share the winner's Freebies4me ID# until the end of the contest. Remember your payouts will count from 11/2 and 11/9, so if you already have a good amount received this month, it counts toward this contest.

Here's a link to read about the prize

Good luck everyone!!! PM me if you have questions