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04-11-2007 18:28:31


I'm much too busy to continue to run Hence, I'm putting the website up for sale. Have you ever dreamt of running your own free site? is complete with everything you need, just substitute your own management techniques. Among the many features you'll get, here are some

-Dreamhost 2Yr Webhosting Package
-MyEasyScripts FreeScript
-Simple FS Script
-WordPress Blog
-Personal support by myself for up to 2 months regarding the transition

Regarding the freebie scripts

You'll have the option of choosing whichever script you want to use. Both are very good, and very modable. You may check out each script at their corresponding sites

http// and http//

Also, by owning RIF, you get FREE lifetime upgrades with both scripts.

ReallyItsFree currently receives 1,500+ hits a day.

I'm currently selling the website BIDDING starting at $500.

You may email= me me
Also, contact me on AIM RIF Support



06-11-2007 15:31:25

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08-11-2007 13:59:46

I have a new idea. How would you all like to buy the website for $40? You are wondering how? Well, you don't quite exactly get the website for $40, but by buying a raffle ticket for $10, you become elgible to buy it. Next week at this time, I'll have someone besides me draw from the raffle, and that person will then have the choice of paying the remaining $40, or pass it to someone else.

To be entered into the raffle, first PM me either here or on AIM RIF SUPPORT and then I'll give you RIF PayPal to send $10 to.