RocketBills/CashParrot Annoucements! **Read if your a user!*

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03-11-2007 12:22:11

Hey guys! Been busy keeping up with all the orders, I hope you guys are having a satisfying experience with RKB/CP! Some quick things I just want to get out there

- We are still paying out instantly until all the money is gone! As for orders, they will be processed ASAP so be patient because you will get your prizes!

- Those of you who bring new and fresh users to our sites [bbb291571f8]PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY READ OUR CREDIT GUIDE!!! [/bbb291571f8]I cannot stress how many users do NOT get credits because of simple things! You can access them here and give them to your referrals[=""] or[=""]

- We check for fraud immensely, so if you get put on hold DO NOT GET UPSET OR FRUSTRATED! All we will need is an state issued ID and if everything matches up we will release you from hold. Easy as that.

- Remember, any problems AT ALL, do NOT hesitate to contact me!

Alright guys enjoy!
- RocketBills Staff.


03-11-2007 12:34:32

Great support