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31-10-2007 19:36:40

Greed Lead is the most unique and advanced GPT survey site on the internet. We believe that anyone can make money using our service, matter of fact, we guarantee it. We'll provide you with fully customizable templates that are easy to change and update with ease. Why is it so easy to make money with us you may ask? well, simply because we do not control how much you make, you decide.

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01-11-2007 06:31:07

do you HAVE 10 surveys a day to do?


01-11-2007 13:17:09

10 surveys? The sites are full loaded with surveys already you just set a percentage YOU want to payout, and from there on all your surveys are auto added and deleted

Right now they offer 84 surveys I believe.


06-11-2007 12:46:12

Now [b91cb4f8093]131[/b91cb4f8093] surveys and growing daily!


08-11-2007 04:50:50

yeah but i mean they have a processus selection...and it sounds like a pyramid to me.