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How It Works
You sign up as usual and complete an offer. Once you complete an offer the status page will show "Join The Conga". If you are the first person to join the conga then you become the head of the conga. Otherwise when you join the conga the next person in line will get you as a referral. You are then added to the next in line list.

You can get a maximum of 3 referrals from the conga. The site offers gifts for less than or more then 3 referrals. Once you get 3 referrals from the conga if you choose a gift that requires more than 3 referrals your status page will show the ref link. You can then use your referral link to get the required amount of referrals.

What happens to the people on the bottom of the conga?
After x amount of people join the conga (x will be decided at some point) referral links will be turned on. This way the site turns into a normal freebie site and you refer your friends as you normally would.

I thought this was a good spin on the freebie site. Let me know if you like it. Give me suggestions please. If you have any gifts that you want added let me know. I am here to help you. I hope you enjoy this site.

First Three People To Sign Up Get Free Greens.