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31-10-2007 13:06:52

Thanksgiving at Freebies4me - Partial Credit Promotion

Many of you have referrals that may have disappeared, gotten frustrated, or simply ran out of choices to go green. We have the solution for you, for a limited time this month. Between November 1st and November 16h, you can cash out your partial referrals. There are a few rules that go with this, but first things first…the payouts

Each payout will be calculated as such credit amount x $75 = your payout

Ref A has .50 credits
Ref B has .80 credits
Payment calculation (.50 x $75) + (.80 x $75) = ($37.50+$60.00)= $97.50

Now for the rules

1. You must be a repeat customer, that is you must have at least one completed order on your account.
2. Your account must be in good standing (you are not on hold).
3. Your referral you are cashing out must not be on hold for any reason.
4. The partial credits must be from May through September 2007.
5. Once you cash out the referral, they will be marked used and you will not be allowed to cash them out again.
6. You cannot use this promo with any other promos or bonuses.

We will payout on our normal schedule. Your opportunities for payment under this promotion are 11/2, 11/9, or 11/16. You must notify me before 11/16 to qualify for this promotion. Please send me an email or support ticket to request this promotion. You may use the following template to place your order

Your Name
Your Email
Your Freebies4me ID#

Referrals you want to cash out (ID# or email address)

I will reply back to you and tell you the amount you will receive. You will then need to place an order through our ordering system. Please use the prize equal to the number of referrals you are cashing out. I will change it on my end to reflect a Custom Order, but in the amount of the credit values you are cashing out. The referrals you requested will appear green, but know that you will only receive the partial credit for those referrals. You can also cash out your completed referrals, which will be paid as usual. You may also place separate orders (one for partial, one for complete) if it is easier for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


10-11-2007 18:40:16

Just a reminder that the partial credit promo expires THIS Friday...get your orders in by 1159pm Eastern on Thursday November 15 to qualify. See the rules above )