November Promotions! $1,075 REFERRALS CONTEST! FREE GREENS!

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30-10-2007 10:31:55

Note Promotions begin November 1st!

Each promotion is valid till November 30th, 2007 unless otherwise noted.

Referrals Contest!

1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $150
4th Place - $100
5th Place - $75
Total Prizes $1,075!

Point Values = 1 point for every completed referral = 1.5 points for every completed referral = 2 points for every completed referral = 3 points for every completed referral

1. Referrals must be obtained and completed (as in full green) during the month of November

If you would like to participate in this promotion, please submit a support ticket.
We have a leaderboard set up over here with details on the contest http//

The contest begins November 1st and ends November 30th, GOOD LUCK GUYS!

2. The 80 to 90 promotion is extended as always! You will receive $90/referral instead of $80/referral on 80.MacroBucks, Apple.MacroBucks, and LCD.MacroBucks

3. Receive $65/referral during the month of November on!

4. If you obtain 10 referrals or more on one MacroBucks network site, you will be given a bonus! Below is the amount bonus based on the site completed
40 - $40 bonus
60 - $60 bonus
80, apple, lcd - $80 bonus
laptops - $120 bonus

5. You can receive a free green on any/all MacroBucks sites by creating a support ticket. This is only valid up till November 5th.

6. A surprise promotion will be announced at any time during November, be on the look out!

Help reduce childhood hunger in America this holiday season!
Interested in how you can help? Read below!

For every referral obtained and cashed out during the month of November, MacroBucks will set aside a certain amount from our profit based on the site completed and donate it to Share Our Strength (
GiftCards.Macrobucks, 40.Macrobucks - $1 per referral obtained
60.Macrobucks - $1.50 per referral obtained
80.Macrobucks, Apple.Macrobucks, LCDs.Macrobucks w- $2 per referral obtained
Laptops.Macrobucks - $3 per referral obtained

Important Note This will not affect how much you receive! It is coming straight out of MacroBucks profit! You will simply be a part of this donation!
At the end of the month, MacroBucks will count up the referrals obtained/cashed out and donate that amount to Share Our Strength on behalf of MacroBucks and its members!

A bit of information on Share Our Strength
Share Our Strength is one of the leading organizations in reducing childhood hunger in America. It has many major corporate partners, such as American Express, the Food Network, and Tyson Foods! Through a variety of plans, Share Our Strength has saved tens of thousands of lives! To read more about how Share Our Strength fights hunger and poverty, click here[ = http//]click here.

sandra habina

31-10-2007 08:29:02

Sounds wonderful. Thankyou for sharing


01-11-2007 12:53:55

Promotions start TODAY! lol