IFreeCash.Net - Brand New Promo. Win some money!!

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25-10-2007 09:13:19

Hello Everyone,

IFreeCash.Net is introducing a brand new promo and this one is a good one! So, your probably wondering how it works. Well, here are the rules

[list306c2a0d87]You must complete a 1/2 credit offer on our referral based site.
This offer can not be the same as your credit for our site.
If you plan on completing our site and participating in this promo, you would need 1.5 credits to receive payment from site.
If you do that 1/2 credit for the promo, you will be entered into a "pool" of people.
Once we reach 50 people, we will take each person and put them in a hat.
We have prizes labeled 1-50.
The first name we pick will get prize 1. The second name we pick will get prize 2, and so on.
Everyone comes out a winner and will receive a prize.[/listu306c2a0d87]

Pretty simple, hey? Your probably wondering what the prizes consist of now. Below is the prize list

[list306c2a0d87](1) $100
(7) $25
(20) $20
(1) $15
(21) $10[/listu306c2a0d87]

If you are planning on taking part in the promo just submit a support ticket explaining that you would like to be part of this promo and when you complete the offer, just inform us that the offer was for the promo.

We thank everyone for participating and hope you win some money!

-IFreeCash.Net Management

liliIf we get more than 50 people to sign-up initially the prizes will go higher.lili
liliYou can also do a full credit offer and have your name entered into the hate twicelili


09-11-2007 17:43:52

Come take advantage of this!