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15-10-2007 20:44:36

Hey all,

It's been awhile, but we here at Ultimate Freebies are proud to announce the release of the latest addition to our network LCDs[=http//]LCDs!

We have some of the top brands of LCD TV's, from 52-inch LCD HDTV's all the way down to 19-inch LCD HDTV's, as well as PayPal cash options up to $800 and a Custom Order option!

Our LCD's site has referral rates of [baecb893fe3]$80 per referral[/baecb893fe3]! This means you don't need to search all day for referrals! To "go green", users need [baecb893fe3]2 credits[/baecb893fe3].

We have an excellent selection of offers, exceptional customer service, weekly payments, and more! Why not jump on the bandwagon of one of the fastest growing networks out there? You can with Ultimate Freebies!

[baecb893fe3]To celebrate the launch of our latest site, we are offering FREE GREENS until Sunday, October 21st! To get your FREE GREEN, simply sign up UNREFERRED and submit a support ticket requesting your FREE GREEN![/baecb893fe3]

Enjoy the new site!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies