Grand Opening of CashParrot by RocketBills-Free Greens+Insta

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12-10-2007 08:54:42

We told you guys it was coming, and now its FINALLY HERE!

The launch of! (Now under

Somethings to know about CashParrot
- Same amazing support as RocketBills
- $40/ref
- Very easy to go green! Check out the offers at http//
- Tons of offers to take advantage of! Currently we are around 100+

Now as far as promos go
- Free Green to anyone who signs up unreferred until the end of NEXT week! Please open up a support ticket entitled "FIPG Free Green" and we will credit you ASAP!
- INSTANT PAYOUTS until all our money is gone! Yes, you will be paid within 24 hours!

liliW-9's will have to be filed for anyone who goes above $599 on both RocketBills and CashParrot COMBINED! CashParrot would be the same as, but I thought that would be too boring so CashParrot has its own domain!lili

I hope you guys enjoy CashParrot and take advantage of our promos, I will keep saying INSTANT until all my money is gone! So what are you waiting for? GO GO GO!

PS> Don't forget about RocketBills either! Instant payouts on RocketBills until all the money is gone!

RocketBills Staff.


13-10-2007 11:36:06

This is rare guys, jump on the free green wagon before its over!


14-10-2007 10:27:40

Hey guys I'll be away for about 5 hrs today, sorry if it takes a little long for support! Thanks for your understanding!


15-10-2007 08:40:11



16-10-2007 09:40:43

Ending soon! Take advantage!


17-10-2007 11:41:07