ClickPerks Slashes ALL Referral Req's! iPod Touch - 5 refs

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08-10-2007 09:13:40

Hi folks,

We've got some exciting news to announce! Referral requirements have been slashed across the board!

[b34462434ef]http//[]http//[/b34462434ef] - With our updated iPods site you can now get the iPod Classic or iPod Touch for just 5 Referrals! Only one offer to go green, every offer is full credit and no offers of doom!

[b34462434ef]http//[]http//[/b34462434ef] - Now you can get an Xbox 360 Premium (w/HDMI) for just 4 referrals @ 2 offers each. Want the Elite? Just 5 Referrals? And the Core is just 3 Referrals!

You are not going to find a better deal with any other network!

More announcements to come!