FPIG Free Green+Instant Payouts LIMITED TIME at RocketBills

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02-10-2007 12:29:53

RocketBills has noticed that it is extremely popular in other forums, but not much traffic comes through FIPG, we suspect the possible reasons could be

- Fairly new site, about 4 months old

- Not in the proven legit section

- Not many people took advantage of our MONTH long free green promo

So this is what we have decided to do, from NOW until the FRIDAY 1159 AM, RocketBills will be giving FREE GREENS to whoever is from FIPG To get your free green, open up a support ticket entilited "FIPG Free Green" and you will be awarded.

Why should you try RocketBills?

- INSTANT PAYOUTS until the money lasts!

- Some of the best support around, almost on 24/7

- Very easy to go green, look at the offers here www.rocketbills.com/viewoffers.php

- We have already paid out many people, if people still have doubt, visit www.rocketbills.com/proof.php

Remember, only a LIMITED TIME. So come get yours today!


02-10-2007 15:40:50

Got my free green, thanks.


03-10-2007 08:37:57

No problem, very limited time guys, probably will not come again.


04-10-2007 03:13:17

got my free green ! thanks


05-10-2007 10:34:48

No Problem! Less than 24 hrs left!