MoneyBonanzas October Promotions! NEW PAYOUT SCHEDULE!

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MoneyBonanzas is a network dedicated to its members as we make it our top priority to answer all e-mails, support tickets, and instant messages. We take pride knowing that no question has gone unanswered or ignored from the time that our network has started! Our two sites we have currently are

http// ($40 per referral) and http// ($80 per referral)

We’d like to start this thread off with the biggest change to the MoneyBonanzas network our payout schedule!

[b3f9d94b41e]Starting this month, we will begin bimonthly payments on the 12th and 24th of every month. [/b3f9d94b41e]This means that if you submit your order by 1159PM on the 11th, you will be paid the very next day, pending approval. Similarly, if you place your order by 1159PM on the 23rd, you will be paid on the 24th! We have already shipped over $13,000, and you can see some proof pictures submitted by our users by clicking here![=http//]here!

Furthermore, since October has come, it is time to introduce our new monthly promotions! As always, we love to reward our users who are able to obtain the most referrals during the month. [b3f9d94b41e]That’s why our member with the most referrals will receive an extra $200 along with $5 for each Cash referral and $10 for each Gift referral they obtain during the month of October! Second place winners will receive an extra $100![/size3f9d94b41e] [/b3f9d94b41e] Members must have a minimum of 8 referrals to win.

As for our other members who may not want to dedicate all of their referrals to one network, we have several options

Successfully cash out with 6 Cash referrals, and get the 7th one free! That is a $40 bonus on your order! Users may also choose to cash out with 3 Gift referrals and also receive an extra $40.[/size3f9d94b41e][/color3f9d94b41e]

Successfully Cash out with 10 referrals, and get the 11th and 12th referrals free! That is a $80 bonus! Again, users may also choose to cash out with 5 Gift referrals and still receive the $80 bonus.[/size3f9d94b41e][/color3f9d94b41e]

As always, you will be rewarded when you share your proof pictures with others! Details of our proof picture promotion can be found here! [=http//]here! For posting your proof pictures, you will have roughly 1/3 chance of winning at least $25 and up to $75!

Sign up unreferred today and ask for a free green to start! Good luck!

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Sweet!!! ;)


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Bump for people who may not have seen this yet!


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Just shipped out all orders for our members as promised! Remember, we have 2 payout dates Every 12th and 24th!