10,000 Give Away! October Promotions! Instant Payouts!

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30-09-2007 23:05:08

Yes! Its true, we are giving away [bea10490918]10,000 SMILES[/bea10490918] with our October Promotions! Oh, did you guys think RocketBills was giving away $10,000? =)

[uea10490918]October Promotions[/uea10490918]

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- I'm extending the $3/$5 ON TOP OF EVERY REFERRAL!
- All users who get 5 or less referrals will get $3 on top of each referral upon approval.
- All users who get 5 or more referrals get bumped up to $5 per referral!
For example If a user had 7 referrals go green, they would get $5 ON TOP of each of their referrals upon approval But if they had only 4 referrals go green, they would get $3 ON TOP of each of their referrals upon approval!

- Lastly, in the next couple of days look for MORE $1 offers and other offers to increase!
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01-10-2007 09:02:07

More offers are coming soon!


01-10-2007 17:42:57

TONS of new offers added! Take a look! www.rocketbills.com/viewoffers.php


02-10-2007 09:23:33

Rocketbills has great support. Come get the money while it last... )