EarnGiftsFree.com Announces Major Changes To The Site !

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26-09-2007 10:13:43

Hello. We have some exciting news for you. An overwhelming amount of our user's have requested that we let them be Green for life after they cash out with us.

Good news, you asked, we listened! From now on, all users who cash out with us can have their offer requirements waived when they repeat the site.

Just be sure to send in a support ticket asking us to waive your offer requirements and we will get right on it.

In just 3 months we have made great strides. We have paid out over $16,500.00 in cash and prizes to our users. We have also shortened our payout time to 10 days, and we have made our site repeatable to all users.

We hope you take advantage of all that we offer and look forward to serving you in the future. Good luck to all from your friends at EarnGiftsFree.com


28-09-2007 10:54:26

Any Free Green Promotion coming soon?


01-10-2007 09:29:31

Hey, No free green promotions as of now. We gave free greens for the entire month of July so it will be a while before we do it again. We do however let you be green for life after you cash out with us for the first time. You can repeat the site over and over and have your offer requirements waived. I hope you take advantage of this. More promotions will come soon. Good luck.


03-10-2007 07:25:09

It's Official! Over $20,000.00 paid out in our first 3 months!

$20,500.00 as of today with more payments going out everyday. Congratulations to all who cashed out with us!