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26-09-2007 07:46:49

IFreeCash.Net Referral Based Version Promo!!![=http//]IFreeCash.Net Referral Based Version Promo!!![/size90cc07719c][/color90cc07719c]

First of all, If you Join Un-ref then you can send a support ticket and get your [b90cc07719c]FREE GREEN!!!![/b90cc07719c][/color90cc07719c]

Now for the contest

[i90cc07719c][b90cc07719c]First 3[/b90cc07719c] users that would complete the [b90cc07719c]25 Ref's / 1,000$[/color90cc07719c][/b90cc07719c] Prize Will Win an Additional [/i90cc07719c]

First Place Extra 300$ [ Total Prize of 1300$ ]
Second Place Extra 200$ [ Total Prize of 1200$ ]
Third Place Extra 100$ [ Total Prize of 1100$ ] [/size90cc07719c][/color90cc07719c]

[i90cc07719c][b90cc07719c]First 3[/b90cc07719c] users that would complete the [b90cc07719c]13 Ref's / 520$[/color90cc07719c][/b90cc07719c] Prize Will Win an Additional [/i90cc07719c]

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The Only thing you would need to do is after your getting paid you would be asked to post a payment proof here on the forums.

Thanks and [b90cc07719c]GOOD LUCK[/b90cc07719c] to Everyone!
IFreeCash.Net Team! ;) lol


26-09-2007 15:46:35

Is it free green at any of your site? )


26-09-2007 19:57:27

Yes! but corrently there is only 1, the http//



26-09-2007 20:48:14

Ref ID #1915. I have already submitted support ticket. )


27-09-2007 01:19:28

You got it babetran! ) D


28-09-2007 09:29:37

Signed up unreferred on Money. Free Green Please.


Drasna 8)


28-09-2007 11:46:59

Sure thing Drasna you got it!
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