What's the Typical Wait Time on Git-R-Free sites?

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25-09-2007 09:42:31

It has been 5 days since I submitted for approva on cashrewards.git-r-free.com and it still hasn't been looked at. Anyone know the approximate wait time typically to get a git-r-free site approved and then to receive a paypal payment?

I'm a little worried, but won't be really worried until it hits a full week and they haven't looked at it. Just was curious as to what other people were experiencing in getting these sites approved.



25-09-2007 11:32:27

They pay out NET20, meaning the 20th after the month after you order, so if you ordered 5 days ago you'll be paid November 20th or so. They probably don't touch your order until they get their payments in, but then they don't do approval or anything they just makes sure none of your offers were revoked and pay you. All the info was posted right on the top thread in their forum section, try checking that next time.


25-09-2007 12:49:56

I couldn't find their forum section... looked all over the place. Probably just missed it (i'm a little loopy from the medicine I'm on... I've been running a high fever for 2-3 days now).

Where is their dedicated forum?


27-09-2007 23:47:26

Policy is Net20 but we have been paying out more frequently lately, no official change of policy at this time though, thanks for the assistance Diablo, and yes we do have a forum here, which you did seem to find now )