Ripped off by

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24-09-2007 19:57:51

Well I have been Extremely reluctant to post about this
I was hoping (desperately) that they would pay me
But itís has been 6 weeks
Time to give up and except the truth

I will try to be as honest as I can but I donít feel link going threw 20-30 old support tickets to get the facts perfectly striate

I could not do NoCC offers in Canada
So I took there deal to trade in a green to make me green
Got my for and tried to cash out for $50
No response
And he was oddly unresponsive on AIM (normally vary quick to respond)
3 days pass he responds apologizing with a reasonable reason for his absence
And promising to tend to my account the next day
((also talks about switching to a weekly payout instead of monthly))
9 more days pass with nothing changed (well I got 3 more greens)
in the mean time I slowly concluded he was just ignoring me
He would be online but marked as offline then suddenly marked as online but never respond
Finally he responds saying he hadnít been ignoring me then he disappears again
Pops in and out a few times and promises to pay me on about the 15th of this month
Can you guess what DID NOT HAPPEN ?

He promises to pay me last week
I wait I then post a ticket asking if I should expect $50 for 3 or $100 for 6
No response for a while
Then he pops in on AIM asking me to give him snapshots of an offer that is just for Canada
((confuses me with someone he owes over $300 to))
And then he is gone again
He used to always be online
Now it seems to be never online (AIM)

Someone at his site responds to my support ticket off topic explaining that he has been really sic and payments should be out by the 30th
Then realizes she was off topic and responds again saying yes I should expect $100

It has now been 6 weeks since I put in my first support ticket asking to trade in one of my greens and cash out

You can draw your own conclusions as to what this all means

But here is my conclusion
He has ignored me a lot
Lied to me a little
Got someone who works for him to lie to me a little
Paid me nothing ((Probably never intended to))
And has used delaying tactics to try and drag it out
To keep my hope up and prevent me from posting about this

Evan now I feel like I am doing a dumb thing posting about this
But itís time I excepted I have been ripped off and try to prevent it from happening to anyone else


26-09-2007 14:56:14

its been a month since i submitted my account for approval.nothing happened.

now he says the admin is sick and will look into my acount ASAP.

guess i'm screwed too......

anyone else having problem with this site????


26-09-2007 15:04:56

yea I was told he is sic also
and that payments will be made around or by the 30th (I forget wich)

I don't want to say to much more bad about them
they could be saying the truth

but after 6 weeks
and 3 promisses that's time frame has passed
I would like to see less Promisses and more Cash


26-09-2007 19:22:26

well I just got paid
http//[" alt=""/img5ab4470fdc]

he came on AIM wanting to talk to me
confusing me with someone else (for about the third time) so believable
I responded polity and explained again that I am waiting on payment
he asked for my email address (to look up my account I assume)
I gave it then mentioned some not so nice things I had said in support tickets
was trying to be polite at this point and didn't want to appear 2 faced
but he said he don't look at them much anymore
((in all fairness to that sounding bad I think he has hired 2 new support people to do that))
I then tried to politely (lightly) explain why I was upset
but I found it difficult to keep my cool
and found myself apologizing for that

(((I have spent much of the last 2 days arguing with someone about unrelated maters and am in a mood to tell someone off, made it difficult to keep my cool)))

anyway he kept his cool was polite and understanding to my justified frustrations
and paid me within an hour

then he behaved surprised when I told him I had complaint threads out on the forums
was he really surprised and was it truly just dumb luck that I got talking to him and paid by him less then 48 hours after posting this
only he knows for sure
but im leaning towards yes and he has just had a lot of back luck the last few weeks