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24-09-2007 19:20:28, the next generation of incentive rewards would like to thank all those who helped make it possible by starting with a great raffle for our grand opening. offers hundreds of amazing fast crediting (and most times instant) offers.

What makes GGN different from those other freebie sites? Instead of forcing people to complete extensive and expensive offers, we offer a huge selection of fractional credit offers that are easy to pick and choose from. We also are introducing a brand new system called "GetThatGreen" (GTG). This service allows those who are a single credit or less away from their desired gift to practically buy a referral. Do you want the latest tech gadget but can't seem to find your last referral. Try out the GTG service and have your item shipped right to your front door. While we are always working to maintain an up-to-date and correct offers page, we sometimes need your help. If you feel an offer is having issues or that offer info is incorrect, shoot us an email. We thank you again for accepting us into the freebie community and hope you enjoy our promotion. Contact a support representative for more info.

Promotion Details

Sign up now, unreferred, complete 1 credit's worth of offers and get a free $40!

After completing your required offers, email= and we will apply the bonus to your account.

GGN Terms of Service still apply. For more information, visit or email= us at us at

Complete offer list http//
Want to complete a specific offer but we don't have it? Email us and we'll do our best to accommodate your request!


26-09-2007 16:05:04

15 Spots Open! Great Odds!


29-09-2007 13:49:42

Don't miss a great opportunity!


01-10-2007 10:42:21


Choose between the raffle or a $40 bonus. Just for signing up unreferred!


02-10-2007 20:10:05


Choose between the raffle or a $40 bonus. Just for signing up and crediting unreferred![/quotef9d4ec1211]

sandra habina

03-10-2007 07:28:19

How can I see the offers dear? Want to make sure I can green.


05-10-2007 19:32:43

http// , I apologize for the late response.

Site Update

We were having an issue regarding offers displaying and that has now been fixed. However, in the status page it shows that all requirements have been fulfilled even when no offers have been completed. We are aware of this and are working on it. In the meantime, I think it would be easy to tell whether or not you have the correct amount of referrals. I apologize ahead of time and we hope to get the matter fixed this weekend.

GetGreensNow Support


08-10-2007 18:29:32


All problems have now been fixed pertaining to offer credit display issues. Now you have no reason to take part in this super promotion. Sign up and enjoy!



17-10-2007 20:06:05

Instant crediting on practically all offers. Don't miss out on this promotion, tons of other people have already signed up!


28-10-2007 16:57:15

Due mainly to the fact that many users are taking advantage of the $40 promotion, the raffle has been called off. You can still win big prizes, just check back for details on our newest promos.

liThe $40 bonus is still active!


11-11-2007 19:31:55

Promo still going on! Complete the requirements of the promotion before November 30th and receive an extra $5 on your cashout!